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Written @ 9:32 PM

Hey! Just woke up. Fuxuan ditched me once again. == I just have a feeling yesterday that I will not go out today. I think something emotional happened to her or something. You know, those standard things. Okay. Slept quite well despite the things that happened yesterday.

Was going to Bishan to meet buyer. Went to buy greentea and went back to Breadtalk to wait. She came, blahblahblah. Then I left. When I was inside the MRT Station, something dropped into my carrier, so I was like, what is that? Wallet? I looked up, and there he was, that face of his. I pushed the wallet towards his stomach and walked away. Praying he don't spoil my day. Yeah, but that's not poosible. He followed me to everywhere and anyway, irritating me. His mouth just wouldn't stop no matter how much I expressed my annoyance. And know what? I'm even crazy enough to drink coffee with him at Secret Recipe. I don' know what he ordered. I don't care. I just know he ordered ice latte for me. He continued to crap. Story about his dad, his life and his infamous doings. Well, my impression of him changed a little cos he annoyed me the whole day. Went to Etude House to get some nail polish remover. He shoved that blue note to the cashier. I took his blue note and handed my blue note to her before returning his blue note. Then he was like shall I buy you something? I was like nope. There's nothing else I need and want. He walked to the nail colour column, "which colour you like?" Damn, it's starting again. So I decided that it is best to play along with him so I will not get embarassed. " You pick." He began taking most of the colours.
Me: I will throw the rest and accept only one.
Him: One is not enough.
Me: The amount you are holding now is too much. Are you planning to get a member or somthing?
Him: Why not? Or shall I get the member card for you?
Me: *ignored his question* When things get overboard, there's no sincerity anymore. It will become bribing.
Him: Just accept.
Me: *Walked out*

He caught up with me, handing me the plastic bag. Yes, it only have one inside.
"You downplayed my man's pride. What's this? I didn't say I'm sincered in the first place. I'm just trying to impress the staff there." Knowing the rich people style, " Looks like I completely spoil your plan, Mr Ang." XD Blahblahblah, he accompanied me to Hougang and we ate there. Yes, he ate again. Then we parted ways.

P.S. As much as I didn't want to admit, I like the colour. It's the colour that I wanted to try after seeing my friend nails painted with that colour in the June Holiday Maths Remedial. Shimmering Bronze. That's the colour on my ten finger nails now although I have to remove them soon. Hope I can remember to remove them before my mum sees them. ^^

[End of Flashback]

240610(BE2T IS HERE!)

Written @ 3:01 PM
Good morning! It's now 6:01AM. Not that I woke up this early, it's that I still have not sleep in this late hour. Okay, woke up at 3:44PM yesterday as I went to sleep only at 4+AM. So after I woke up, eat and slack, then around 4+PM, Terence called, wanted me to get ready right then. I was like why, and he just KAB my call. Fine, so blahblahblah. He came, I went with him. Brought me the event. Grand event. Refused at first. But he damn wanted me to go and doesn't want to stop the car. Like this, I was escorted there. Changed into the dress he handed to me. He knows my style, so the dress is okay. He wanted to straighten my hair, argued with him and gave him my you're-are-dead-if-you-do-that look and he listened. My hair was ended up being sprayed by all sorts of spray. The best part was I don't even know what the stylist was doing to my hair. So I just used the laptop. It turned out pretty, so I didn't say anything about it. I was forced to put on contact lenses instead, as they said it doesn't match my dressing and even the event so I was like fine. What can I say when I'm already there? Put on make-up. I don't make-up often but this is the first time my face was covered with such thick layer of powder, so I requested to re-do it, this time lesser. And true enough, it was much natural. So the event started. Went together with Terence and spotted Uncle and Aunt. Went over to greet them amd Uncle told me how to react and behave during this event period. So we lingered around. Terence went chatting with guests from time to time so I just went outside and walked around. I too, managed to meet some "friends", exchanged numbers and such. I didn't freaked out or anything but I'm definitely not comfortable with it. Although it's a good experience, but once is enough. And I reached my nanny's house around 2AM or so. Yes, that big even thing ended real late/early. Okay, I shall end here


Written @ 12:52 PM
Hey people. The time now is 3:52AM, 150610, Tuesday. Have not complete the english comprehension. Still left with the summary. But my hands are like freaking cold as I'm sitting under the aircon and my writing was like damn "beautiful" so I thought I should exercise my fingers to get warmth but it doesn't seem to be working, I began touching my lappy to feel the heat but it wasn't strong enough. I'm here, in my nanny's house, Sis's room all alone. No noise, only the clicking and typing sounds. Shall I on some music? After comprehension, there's still maths homework. Lots of thanks to Mr. Lim. Went to Plaza Singapura to stock-up stuff in the afternoon and today, I sold 2 items! Decided to go to Far East's Toms and Toms to have coffee tomorrow. Yeah, alone. Was damn cold and my phone rang just now. Being pissed off by the caller who have the guts to call me at 3AM, I threw the phone under the pillow and continued to look for the meaning of the words on dictionary.com. And yes, the phone stopped ringing but it rang again 3 seconds after. Fed up, I took my phone and looked at the caller and upon seeing his name, I threw the phone back under the pillow and decided to enjoy my ringing tone instead. Then I suddenly remembered that I have not inform him something so I just "Hello" into the phone after pressing "Answer".

Me: Hello?
You: Hey.
Me: Yea?
You: What are you doing?
Me: Homework.
You: You mean this time? Wow...
Me: Yea.
You: Well, I'm freezing to death now. Bro on the aircon till so low.
Me: *Thinking 'me too'* Is it? Turn on the heater then.
You: Hah... Oh ya, I have called my friends to stop emailing and calling plus texting you, so you can rest assured now, though the pictures are still not down yet...
Me: Oh, thanks anyway. Ya, your dad knows where you stay already. He's visiting next week.
You: You told him?
Me: Yea, since he decided not to control you anymore, why not?
You: I see.
Me: ...
You: I'll call you again. I gotta sleep. Bye and nights.
Me: Bye and goodnight.

What you've just read is a conversation I have with this friend that I have known for 4 years. I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Not only to him, but to myself as well. He called, wanting me to rest assured and I picked up the phone just to tell him his dad knows where he stays. Okay I shall stop here and find a way to get warm since I don't even have a blanket.

(read and edited ,4:29AM)